1) Provide the highest quality of education that motivates and challenges all children so that they can achieve their full potential in all areas of school life.

2) Promote the social, moral, cultural, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of all our children. To increase pupils awareness of religious and moral values to enable them to appreciate the multi- cultural and multi-ethnic diversity of our society.

3) Create a positive learning environment where pupils are valued by others and are prepared for the opportunities and experiences of life.

4) Provide a rich and stimulating curriculum that enables children to develop creative thinking and enquiring minds.

5) Ensure opportunities are available to all, irrespective of disability, special educational need, ability, race, gender or religion and encourage respect and tolerance of others. To be a fully inclusive school.

6) Develop close links between home and school creating a partnership between parents and teachers and the wider community.

7)  Encourage in every learner, independence, co-operation, enthusiasm and the confidence to succeed.


We are concerned with the development of the whole personality of each individual. We aim to teach what each child needs, regardless of age, sex or ability. We try to make it difficult to fail. We endeavor to present the child with work which is attractive. We try to create incentives, to increase the natural thirst for knowledge and skills that is present in almost all children, and to channel efforts into useful and interesting pursuits. We want children to enjoy school and to make the best use of their time here.


We do not forget that we are part of a process, and we want our children to go on to the next stage of their education with a built-in desire for further interesting work and experience.


Values and precepts


We want our pupils to achieve their full potential and to become responsible members of the community by embracing, with us all, the following precepts:


• to tell the truth

• to keep promises

• to respect the rights and property of others

• to act considerately towards all living things

• to help those who are weaker and less fortunate and than ourselves

• to take personal responsibility for all our actions

• to develop self-discipline.


The values underlying these precepts are reflected also in the school rules:


• to be polite towards adults and towards other pupils

• to try our best in everything we do

• to respect and care for other people and their property

• to be proud of our school and to take care of it

• to be honest and truthful.