P.E Funding

P.E. funding and expenditure 2013-15

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16
Total number of pupils on roll 122- as at Oct 2013 120 – as at Oct 2014 128 – as at Oct 2015
Total amount of P.E. Funding received £5210 £8352 £8640
P.E. funding - spending 2013 - 16

To develop teacher expertise in teaching gymnastics throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

To ensure that high quality teaching of gymnastics ensures pupils make good progress in their learning and there is continuity and progression through each key stage and to Middle School

To help pupils develop a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyment of physical activity.

To ensure all pupils have access to extra-curricular activities.

To update the school P.E. Policy to reflect the 2014 National Curriculum and the policy and procedures in school.

Spending 2013-14

Local Authority Advisor for P.E. to work in school for twelve weeks in the Autumn Term to deliver model lessons and support teachers in planning lessons that meet the needs of all children ensuring good progress in learning. £2065
Spring Term: Local Authority Advisor to work with the PE Subject Leader to plan ready for the implementation of the 2014 National Curriculum £1100 plus supply cover costs of £700 so that the PE Subject Leader can support other staff in planning the P.E. curriculum. This will ensure continuity and progression throughout each key stage and effective assessment procedures are in place. Local Authority Advisor to train lunchtime supervisors in encouraging playing of games at lunchtimes. £500 Purchase addition resources and equipment to ensure playtimes help pupils develop active lifestyles through participation in sports and games. £845

Spending 2014-15

Specialist lunchtime fitness and games leader £3250>> employed to enable all pupils to participate in extra- curricular games and encourage the enjoyment of physical activity and the continued use of these games during breaks and lunchtimes. £800 to purchase games equipment for use at playtimes. £240 to cover the cost of a coach to take pupils to an outdoor adventure activity centre. Local Authority Advisor to monitor the impact of gymnastics training and PEPolicy £500. Supply cover costs of £1200 so that the PE Subject Leader can monitor the delivery of the P.E. curriculum, quality assure the work of coaches, ensure that there are sufficient resources £600 and organise inter-school sports events. Pay for coach and pool hire to enable all pupils in Key Stage 1 to have swimming lessons £1632 .

Spending 2015-16

Specialist lunchtime fitness and games leader £4750 employed to encourage pupils to participate in extra-curricular games. Development of assessment procedures using ipads £1452. Supply cover costs to release PE leader to monitor assessment and impact of sports coach £1000. Purchase of netball posts and balls for extra curricular activity £300. Re-application for Healthy Schools Status £1150.

Impact 2013-16

Staff are more confident to deliver high quality gymnastics. We have an updated PE Policy and scheme, which delivers the New 2014 Curriculum and ensures continuity and progression. Able to maintain the range of inter- school events offered. A range of equipment being used at lunchtimes and playtimes to inspire pupils and encourage physical activity. All children able to swim 1 width at the end of Y4.